Share How Your Preparation Program Helped You Become a Great Special Educator
A TED/HECSE/CEC Collaboration


Policymakers in Washington are thinking about cutting funds for IDEA’s Personnel Preparation Program, a leading source of financial assistance for future special educators, early interventionists, local/state leaders, researchers, and related service personnel.

Join CEC/TED/HECSE to support IDEA’s Personnel Preparation Program, which currently supports approximately 8,000 scholars per year across the nation who are preparing for a career in special education or early intervention.

Special education suffers from a decades-long national shortage-there simply aren’t enough special educators!!!

Here are three quick and easy  ways to become involved: 

  1. There’s power in numbers! Sign this letter to Congress and the Obama Administration in support of IDEA’s Personnel Preparation Program.
  2. Email Congress NOW! Use CEC’s Legislative Action Center to send a personal letter.
  3. Tell us your story! Email and tell us how your preparation program made you a great special educator.

Locate your legislators through the following sites and ask them to RESTORE FUNDING for Special Education:

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The National Transition Dialogue Continues….

The “Join the Conversation for Change” online national dialogue is a two-week discussion hosted by the U.S. Departments of Labor, Education, Health and Human Services and Social Security Administration, May 13-27, 2013. Participants are sharing their input on federal legislative and regulatory barriers and opportunities to improve transition outcomes for youth with disabilities. This input is important to the Departments, which encourage participation in the discussion and look forward to an active exchange of ideas.


NYS CEC: Mini Grant Proposal

NYS CED is proud to announce that five mini-grants in the amount of $500 each will be awarded for the 2013-14 academic school year.  These mini-grants are open to any NYS CEC member.  The general purpose of these grants is to support the activities of NYS CEC in their pursuit to improve the field of special education.  We encourage you to submit a proposal.  No idea is too small!

Contace Dawn Hamlin at


From the NY DCDT President: Let Your Voice Be Heard

As many of you know, NYSED has proposed amendments to establish a New York State Career Development and Occupation Studies Commencement Credential. This is not a NY State recognized diploma but is a credential that will be awarded to students with disabilities who have attained a set of work readiness skills and were unable to pass the Regents exams. NYSED is seeking public comment. It is critical that you make your voice heard and respond to the proposal, as you see fit. You will find the proposal at the following web site:

— Kathryn Ferguson, New York State DCDT President