Education Week: Student Peer Leadership Boosts School Climate in NYC

From Education Week: “Elvira Quintero and Brander S. Suero come across as effortlessly top-clique at Central Park East High School here. Composed and direct with adults, flocked to by other students in the halls, maxing out on their allowed Advanced Placement courses, and with applications in hand for college after graduation, they seem natural school leaders.

Yet like the achievements of Central Park East itself—recently honored by New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s Expanded Success Initiative for its “college-going culture”—the students’ success belies unpromising beginnings and years of struggle. Both seniors are part of the school’s College Summit peer-leaders program, which Principal Bennett Lieberman credits with helping administrators and teachers think differently about their students’ potential: not test scores, but resilience and connection to other students as the earmarks of future achievement.”

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Soft Skills | NCWD/Youth

From the National Collaborative for Workforce and Disability/Youth: “Soft skills are the skills, traits, work habits, and attitudes that all workers across all occupations need in order to obtain, maintain, and progress in employment. These include being dependable, punctual, adaptable, positive toward work, and appropriately dressed/groomed. Soft skills also refer to such attributes as the ability to get along with others, work in teams, attend to tasks, work independently, and take initiative. Soft skills help youth succeed not only in employment but also in postsecondary education/training and social situations. The following information describes soft skills in more detail and provides guidance on how to develop these important skills.”

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Write a Killer Resume and Cover Letter in the Cloud – Wired How-To Wiki

From “Resumes and cover letters are many things, including flirtation with would-be bosses, conversation pieces for an interview, and not-so-secret tests of your ability to write well and spell correctly. But one thing they’re not — barring ultra-creative jobs, or opportunities at Google or Facebook (where you must battle other geeks to the death with keyboards) — are formulas to be toyed with.

Good online career-building tools embrace time-tested job application structures in different ways. But the best make the business of summing up your professional existence (and impressing hiring managers) a whole heck of a lot easier.

When opportunity comes a-knockin’, here are a few great cloud-based services to make it count.”

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Education Week: ‘Soft Skills’ Pushed as Part of College Readiness

From Education Week: “To make it in college, students need to be up for the academic rigor. But that’s not all. They also must be able to manage their own time, get along with roommates, and deal with setbacks. Resiliency and grit, along with the ability to communicate and advocate, are all crucial life skills. Yet, experts say, many teenagers lack them, and that’s hurting college-completion rates.”

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ODEP News Release: Video vignettes illustrate ‘soft skills’ all young workers need, says US Labor Department’s Office of Disability Employment Policy [10/26/2012]

News Release from the U.S. Department of Labor: “The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy has developed a series of free video vignettes, available at, as part of its ‘Skills to Pay the Bills: Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success’ curriculum.

Youth services programs, educators and others helping young job seekers prepare for employment are encouraged to view, display, share and lead discussions about the videos, which aim to help all youth, including those with disabilities, develop and strengthen six essential skills needed to succeed in today’s workforce: communication, networking, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking, and professionalism.”

ODEP News Release: Video vignettes illustrate ‘soft skills’ all young workers need, says US Labor Department’s Office of Disability Employment Policy [10/26/2012].