The 2020 Federal Youth Transition Plan: A Federal Interagency Strategy

The Federal Partners in Transition, an interagency workgroup, has published a strategy report to ensure that federal programs and resources effectively support American young adults with disabilities in reaching their goals of independence. This report identifies five outcome goals to operate across agency boundaries in an effort to enhance coordination and improve compatible policies among the multiple federal programs that support transitioning youth with disabilities and their families.


New York State PROMISE

From NYS PROMISE: “NYS PROMISE is a research project for families in New York State with 14-16 year old teens who receive Supplemental Social Security Income SSI. Our goal is to explore the best ways to help kids who have disabilities and are on SSI transition from high school to successful adult lives. NYS PROMISE will be recruiting youth and their families in three areas of the state: New York City, the Capital Region Albany, and Western New York Buffalo.

Eligible families will be receiving special invitations to NYS PROMISE orientation and recruitment events through their childs school and/or regional parent center. Recruitment starts August 1, 2014.”

Learn more via New York State PROMISE.


White House Urged To Raise SSI Limits – Disability Scoop

From Disability Scoop: “A federal agency is calling on the president to raise the asset limit imposed on people with disabilities receiving Supplemental Security Income for the first time in decades.

In a letter to President Barack Obama this week, the chair of the National Council on Disability, Jeff Rosen, said significant updates to the SSI program are needed.

Currently, individuals receiving SSI benefits can have no more than $2,000 to their name at any given time, a limit that’s been in place since 1989. The council is asking the president to increase the amount to $10,000 with allowances for the figure to continue to rise with inflation. Additionally, the agency wants to see adjustments made to the way that SSI benefits are impacted when an individual earns money from a job, for example.”

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The startling rise of disability in America | Planet Money

From National Public Radio — Planet Money: “When you are an adult applying for disability you have to prove you cannot function in a ‘work-like setting.’ When you are a kid, a disability can be anything that prevents you from progressing in school. Two-thirds of all kids on the program today have been diagnosed with mental or intellectual problems.

Jahleel is a kid you can imagine doing very well for himself. He is delayed. But given the right circumstances and support, its easy to believe that over the course of his schooling Jahleel could catch up.

Lets imagine that happens. Jahleel starts doing better in school, overcomes some of his disabilities. He doesnt need the disability program anymore. That would seem to be great for everyone, except for one thing: It would threaten his family’s livelihood. Jahleel’s family primarily survives off the monthly $700 check they get for his disability…”

Read more, see statistics at  Unfit for Work: The startling rise of disability in America | Planet Money.