National Data Shows Kids With Disabilities Face Deep Disparities – Disability Scoop

From Disability Scoop:

“Students with disabilities are more frequently absent from school and continue to be disciplined at far higher rates than their typically-developing peers, federal officials say.  New data released Tuesday from the U.S. Department of Education indicates that kids with disabilities are twice as likely to be suspended and they account for two-thirds of those secluded or restrained at school.”

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Are you a parent of a young person with a disability between the ages of 14 and 26?

From New York State Transition Partners: “NYS Transition Partners needs your help to better understand your experience with the transition process for students with disabilities here in New York. What’s going well? What isn’t going so well? What needs improvement?

The results of this brief survey will be used to create useful resources to help you in the transition process. Your experience, challenges, and suggestions will be shared with state and local policymakers and members of the transition community in order to start a conversation about how best to affect meaningful change.

All of your information is confidential. Thank you in advance for your time!

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Disability Employment Shows Improvement – Disability Scoop

From Disability Scoop: “The number of Americans with disabilities who are employed is on the rise, according to new data from the U.S. Department of Labor.

The agency’s monthly jobs report indicates that unemployment among those with disabilities dipped to 9.3 percent in June, an improvement over the 10.1 percent recorded the month prior.

While an increasing number of people with disabilities are on the job, however, this population continues to struggle when compared to the workforce as a whole. Overall, the economy added 223,000 jobs in June and the unemployment rate for the general population fell to 5.3 percent.”

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National Autism Indicators Report: Transition Into Young Adulthood

From the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute: “The National Autism Indicators Report is a publication series produced by the AJ Drexel Autism Institute’s Life Course Outcomes Research Program. The inaugural volume of this report focuses on the transition into young adulthood. We present evidence about a wide range of experiences and outcomes of young adults on the autism spectrum between high school and their early 20s.”

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Education Week: Postschool Success for Students With Disabilities Linked to Goal-Setting Skills

From Education Week: “Emerging evidence suggests that students with disabilities have better outcomes after school if they set their own goals, have parents who expect them to be self-supporting, and are able to travel independently outside the home, according to a new review of postschool transition research presented Wednesday at the Council for Exceptional Children convention here.

Valerie Mazzotti, Dawn Rowe, and James Sinclair, all associated with the University of Oregon in Eugene, were presenters at a session on recent research from a federally funded longitudinal study of students with disabilities.”  To learn more, click here.