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From Education Week: Young people today love being online. They are drawn to images—especially as they relate to their own interests. Plus, they have short attention spans.

Now there is a new, free app to help students discover careers that fit their personalities by reviewing photographs. And it just takes about two minutes. With Compass Lite, launched Feb. 11, users quickly click through a series of 84 images that ask: “Me or not me?” Among the pictures and phrases: Going camping? Hands on? Being competitive? Good with numbers? Public speaking?

With the information from the personality assessment, the app generates several career recommendations. Users can click on the options to learn more about the salary and job prospects. The app also lists top academic programs and businesses that employ graduates in those fields.

For more information… New App Matches Students’ Interests With Careers – College Bound – Education Week.


COS Mobile Apps

CareerOneStop now offers five mobile web applications:

  • Find an American Job Center allows users to quickly locate and contact their closest American Job Center.
  • Find a Job lets users search job listings in any local U.S. area.
  • Veterans Job Search matches military job experience to civilian careers, and then displays local job listings for those careers.
  • Salary Finder provides average hourly wages or annual salaries by occupation and location.
  • Training Finder allows users to locate education and training programs in their local area.

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Thinkfinity Community Hub: Unlock the Wonders of Learning w… | Thinkfinity

From the Thinkfinity Community Hub: “There is a new digital divide in education. This time it is not about where students live or how much money their parents earn. This digital divide is between the households (Haves), and the schools (Have Nots). According to the findings from the same Verizon Foundation survey, ‘…more than half of all middle school students (54%) say they are not allowed to use laptops in the classroom for learning purposes, (68%) of students are not allowed to use a tablet for learning purposes, and (88%) say they are not allowed to use smartphones for learning in the classroom.’ ”

For more information on the Verizon Foundation survey… Community Hub: Unlock the Wonders of Learning w… | Thinkfinity.

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Save The Date: Transition Web Conference

Save the date…registration information will be shared soon!

Making it Happen: Transition and Career Development for Secondary Youth with Disabilities in the 21st Century

Participants in this highly interactive web conference will learn about effective transition practices, and how school-agency collaborations can deliver these practices from leadership, consumer, financial, and practical perspectives.

The Making it Happen national web conference will be held across three consecutive days (02/27/2013, 02/28/2013, and 03/01/2013) from 3:00-5:00 pm (Eastern), using WebEx — a highly accessible web conferencing tool.  A Google Hangout will run from 4:30 to 5:00, providing an opportunity for participants to discuss content with the presenters. Sponsored by Cornell University’s Employment and Disability Institute. Email: for more information and to be contacted when registration is available.



New National Survey Finds That More Than a Third of Middle School Students Use Mobile Devices for Homework

From the Verizon Foundation: “More than one in three middle school students are using mobile devices to complete homework, and more of those who use these devices for learning in the classroom express a strong interest in science, technology and math than those who do not, according to a new national survey.

The survey, conducted by TRU and commissioned by the Verizon Foundation, also found that more than 66 percent of students are not allowed to use a tablet for learning purposes in the classroom, and 88 percent are not allowed to use a smartphone.

The findings highlight the gap that exists between how children want to learn and the restrictions they face in the classroom due to a variety of factors that the Verizon Foundation and other national organizations concerned with increasing student access to mobile technology for learning are working to address.”

via Verizon | New National Survey Finds That More Than a Third of Middle School Students Use Mobile Devices for Homework; Yet Mobile-Device Use Is Still Not Common In Classrooms.