Think Outside the Phone — Contest for Students

High school students are invited to create and exhibit software applications, or “apps,” for mobile phones, tablets or other computing devices on a platform of their choice as part of the House Student App Challenge. Members of the United States House of Representatives established the challenge to engage students’ creativity and encourage their participation in STEM fields. The competition is open to all high school students, either individually or in teams of up to four, in participating districts. Contestants must submit their app’s source code online and provide a YouTube or Vimeo video demo explaining their app and the learning they experienced through the competition process. The apps will be judged on the quality of the idea as well as on implementation and demonstrated programming skill. District winners will receive a Certificate of Excellence, and their app videos will be featured on the House website. Find out if your district is eligible and access resources for students and teachers online.

Deadline: April 30, 2014, at 11:59 p.m. (EDT), for final app entries

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Digital Wish and Mobile Beacon Partner to Give $10/Month Data Plans and Free 4G Modems to Educators

Digital Wish has teamed up to bring Mobile Beacon’s 4G mobile broadband donation program to educators on Through Mobile Beacon’s program, qualified public schools, 501(c)3 nonprofit schools, and libraries will receive up to 11 donated 4G devices when they sign up for a 1-year unlimited 4G data plan for $10 per month per device. Additionally, Mobile Beacon is offering schools in certain disaster recover states (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island) up to 26 donated devices to help them rebuild following the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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SAMHSA: Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health

SAMHSA’s “Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health” public awareness effort was created in 1994 with the mission to increase awareness around children’s mental health. The “Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health” team works to support SAMHSA-funded sites through the strategic use of social marketing and communications strategies. The overarching purpose of the team is to stimulate support for a comprehensive system of care approach to children’s mental health services.

Watch the Awareness Day press briefing live on May 7 at 10 a.m. EDT on Tune in for the premiere of the Awareness Day virtual event on May 7 at 3 p.m. EDT on

via Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health.


More Youth in Action Tip Sheets | NCWD/Youth

Our friends at the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability have posted more Youth in Action Tip Sheets on their web site. They are youth-friendly, step-by-step guides and related resources to work on transition goals.

Youth in Action! – Becoming a Stronger Self-Advocate

Youth in Action! – Leading Your Transition Planning

Youth in Action! – Learning Disability History

Youth in Action! – Getting Involved in Volunteering

Youth in Action! – Serving on Decision-Making Boards

Youth in Action! – Participating in Internships and Work-Based Experiences

To see all of their youth development and leadership resources, go to:  Youth Development & Leadership | NCWD/Youth.


$2,000 NYSCATE Grants for Classroom Projects

Each year the New York State Association for Computers and Technology in Education (NYSCATE) awards up to 6 grants with a maximum value of $2,000 each for classroom projects that integrate the use of technology. The classroom project must be consistent with the NYSCATE mission, the New York State Learning Standards, and the NETS Standards.

For more information on applying for a grant, click here. The deadline date to submit a grant application is April 1.