NYS DCDT 5th Statewide Institute


Tuesday Evening Keynote: James Patton-Independent Educational Consultant and Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Special Education at the College of Education, University of Texas at Austin

Wednesday Morning Keynote: Tad Asbury-Vice President and Executive Director of the Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities

Breakout Session #1 (11:15-12:30):

  • Person-Centered Future Planning and Critical Skills for Youth with Disabilities Transition from Foster Care
  • Expanding Work-Based Learning Opportunities
  • Transition to Employment Curriculum and Training
  • Believing the HYPE-Keys to Motivating Students of Color
  • Person Centered Care-Labels and Silos
  • The Predictor Implementation Self-Assessment
  • Collaboration: The True Definition
  • Transition Assessment: Dreams and Realities

Wednesday Afternoon Keynote: Audrey Trainor, Associate Professor, New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, Department of Teaching & Learning, Special Education Program

Breakout Session #2 (2:00-3:15):

  • Interdisciplinary Transition Team Initiative: A Holistic Planning Approach for Young Adults with Sensory Loss/Multiple Disabilities
  • Standards of Excellence for Community Based Work Instruction
  • Engaging Career Development Activities for the Classroom
  • The At Risk Calculator
  • Aspire of WNY Work of Work Program
  • Including Communities Program: A Community-Based Classroom Fostering Independence and Work Readiness Skills for Students 18-21 Years of Age
  • Parent Panel: Getting it Done
  • Tough Questions in Career Exploration: Techniques and Tools for Realistic Goals

Breakout Sessions #3 (3:30-4:45):

  • Using Yoga Breathing with Students to Manage Anxiety and Self-Regulation
  • The Criminal Justice System and Its Implications for Transition Planning
  • Belonging in the Real World
  • The Post Secondary Readiness Rubric v4
  • When Collaboration Works…How to Overcome Obstacles that Lead to Success
  • Ballston Spa Approach to the CDOS Commencement Credential and Work-Based Learning
  • Tips for Fostering Career Awareness and Development

Breakout Session #4 (8:45-10:00):

  • Developing School and Community Connections to Create Work Readiness Opportunities
  • Planning Today for a Successful Tomorrow!
  • What’s New in NTACT’s Transition Taxonomy 2.0
  • Supporting Active Student Participation in the IEP Process
  • Supporting Students on the Job Site
  • Career Curiosity Through Creativity and Competition
  • Family Perspectives on Transition

Endnote Address: Christopher Suriano-Assistant Commissioner of Special Education and Kevin Smith-Deputy Commission of Adult Education and Workforce Development




7 thoughts on “NYS DCDT 5th Statewide Institute”

  1. No, Neil, although we have received a number of good proposals, the sessions are not yet finalized and proposals are being accepted till the end of the year. . We encourage you to submit your proposal prior to December 31, 2013

  2. Is there a list available yet of what the break-out sessions are going to be? If not, when will that be available?

      1. We have not been approached to provide CE credits for this event beforehand. However, we are able to sign documents that certify attendance for CE credits to those who actually attended the event. All inquiries in that regard should be directed to the NY DCDT president.

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