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Free Webinar: You CAN Win Grants for Your School: Secrets and Strategies from a Pro

On Monday, January 25, 2016, from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. (ET), the GetEdFunding community on will host a webinar, “You CAN Win Grants for Your School: Secrets and Strategies from a Pro (Part 1),” sponsored by CDW-G. In this free webinar, learn how to write compelling grant proposals for you school.

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Mini Grants!

NYS DCDT  is providing mini-grants for school districts and/or collaborative partners to develop or enhance evidence-based transition practices within their school(s) for students with disabilities. Funds may be used in a variety of creative ways to support transition, career development, career planning, work based learning and CDOS skill development (up to $1,500). Must be a member or willing to become a member to receive mini grant.

Due date: Applications will be reviewed and responded to on a first come first serve basis. Applications will not be accepted for this cycle after March 1, 2016.

To download the mini-grant application, click on this link:

NYSDCDT mini grant

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Transformation Agreement | OPWDD

From NYS OPWDD: “New York State and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CMS have identified a series of shared goals that will improve opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in the areas of employment, integrated living, and self-direction of services. These goals are captured in a transformation agreement. They include:

  • Developing new service options to better meet the needs of individuals and families in a truly person-centered way, including allowing for more self-direction of services;
  • Creating a specialized managed care system that recognizes the unique needs of people with disabilities, and is focused on a habilitative model of services and supports;
  • Ensuring that people live in the most integrated community settings;Increasing the number of individuals who are competitively employed;
  • Focusing on a quality system that values personal outcome goals for people, such as an improved life or access to meaningful activities; and
  • Working to make funding in the system sustainable and transparent.

To support the transformation agreement, OPWDD will have access to additional funding and technical assistance through the federal government’s Balancing Incentives Program. OPWDD will also begin participating in New York’s Money Follows the Person demonstration, which lends federal financial support for individuals who wish transition from institutional settings into community settings. Updates will be posted in this section of our website.”

Read for via Transformation Agreement | OPWDD.


ConnectED | The White House

From the White House:

“Preparing America’s students with the skills they need to get good jobs and compete with other countries relies increasingly on interactive, personalized learning experiences driven by new technology. Yet fewer than 30% of America’s schools have the broadband they need to teach using today’s technology. Under ConnectED, however, 99% of American students will have access to next-generation broadband by 2017. That connectivity will help transform the classroom experience for all students, regardless of income.

The President also directed the federal government to make better use of existing funds to get Internet connectivity and educational technology into classrooms, and into the hands of teachers trained on its advantages. And he called on businesses, states, districts, schools, and communities to support this vision, which requires no congressional action. Following the 2014 State of the Union address, the President announced major progress on the initiative, highlighting commitments by the FCC and the private sector.Get more details about those commitments – and if you’re a school administrator, teacher, or student, find out how you can take advantage.”

via ConnectED | The White House.

Events, Funding Grant Writing 101: Basics for Beginners

From “On April 30, 2014, from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. (ET), the GetEdFunding community on will host a webinar, ‘Grant Writing 101: Basics for Beginners,’ sponsored by CDW-G. This free webinar is geared towards the needs of beginning grant seekers.

Louisiana educator Terri Simpson will present tips and tricks for grant writing based on her own success and experiences helping others secure educational grant funding for classrooms or school-based projects. The presentation will explore:

  • Grant-writing techniques and suggestions for the preparation and compilation of grant applications.
  • Examples of effective wording and methods taken directly from successful grant applications.
  • Recommendations for locating available funding opportunities.

Participants will be able to submit their questions about their specific funding challenges and more during this interactive session. In addition, the webinar will be recorded and archived in the GetEdFunding community for members to access after the event. Those who attend the live session will automatically receive a CE certificate via email from

Don’t miss out on this free hour of practical support to help you get started on securing funding for your school or district. Register for the webinar now.