Winner of the Annual Thomas P. Golden Memorial Transition Services Award

Congratulations to Putman Northern Westchester’s Fox Meadow High School for being awarded the first annual Thomas P. Golden Memorial Transition Services Award on May 14th! Their Super Butterfly Enterprise will allow students to partner with to create butterfly gardens and track the migration of the butterflies through North America through a plant/flower sale twice a year. Students will be learning about habitats, migration, purchasing, and selling of plants and flowers to reinvest in the Super Butterfly Enterprise each year.

In addition to being a longtime friend of NYS DCDT, Thomas was an avid gardener and he would be particularly pleased with this project. Thomas was a staunch advocate for developing work-based learning and transition services and this project will support many students while promoting nature and horticulture. Thomas is greatly missed and we plan to continue his vision at NYS DCDT each year by offering this grant in his honor.