Equity in Transition Summit: A Family Focus

Equity and Transition Summit

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The second Equity in Transition Summit presents an important opportunity to engage stakeholders representing multiple perspectives in a problem-solving discussion of issues of intersectionality for people with disabilities as they enter adulthood. The broad discussion topics of equity for individuals and concerns and processes in the context of families, with particular focus on cultural awareness, combating deficit thinking, stereotype threat, and implicit bias allow for a sharing of resources, knowledge, and perspective as we continue conversations in a network of partners to educate and advocate for holistic support and programming considering actionable

Transition to post-secondary and adult life is a vulnerable and important period for people with disabilities.  As a matter of education law, providing for and preparing for the transition is an explicit component of educational programming. The opportunities for a productive continuation of education and participation in adult life with active
involvement and contribution’s to one’s community, scholarship, and the economy are all largely dependent on the success of the transition process. The summit gathering will provide a space for stakeholders in the process to consider attention to issues of equity in life outcomes, and the specific experiences of people with disabilities related to their
intersecting identities and perceptions of success.

Sponsored by the Division of Special Education and University Auxiliary Services in Coordination with the University at Albany Disability Resource Center

For more information contact Dr. Tammy Ellis-Robinson
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