Group Helps Young Adults With Autism Fit In – Disability Scoop

From Disability Scoop: “Dustin Strasser slaps the deck of cards as if he’s trying to squash a bug, shaking the flimsy folding table in front of him. Joshua MacAran, who takes command of the room with a sarcastic cool, gives him a familiar furrowed look that means calm down. Strasser, 19, gets that look a lot. Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, he can get fidgety and doesn’t always realize when his loud noises or sprawling gestures are bothering others. That’s where MacAran, a 31-year-old with Asperger’s syndrome, steps in to help. Like Strasser, MacAran knows what it’s like to be out of the loop on what others consider to be socially appropriate. A few years ago, he was getting fired from food-service jobs after tattling on co-workers when they didn’t strictly abide by rules. Now, he helps run the Monday group at Trinity Cathedral Church, where adults on the spectrum practice social skills before they step into the reality of the working world.”

Click for more: Group Helps Young Adults With Autism Fit In – Disability Scoop

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