APSE Webinar: Raising Student Knowledge and Skill about Transportation Options to Improve the Successful Transition to Post School Settings

Date:   October 1, 2014     |     Time:  2pm-3pm Eastern

Presenter: Judy L. Shanley, Ph.D., Director, Student Engagement & Mobility Management, Easter Seals

Description:  Lack of access to inclusive transportation serves as a challenge for persons with disabilities in accessing employment, participating in higher education, and living in the community. Easter Seals transportation education curriculum provides tools to educators, human services, families, and transit to implement a transportation continuum. The materials can be integrated in career planning for students as they transition from high school to post-school settings. This webinar will also introduce attendees to community mobility management systems that serve as an additional resource for people with disabilities in accessing reliable transportation.

Learn more via Webinars – Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst.

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