Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation Issue on Evidence Based Practice

From the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation: “We are very pleased to announce that a Special Issue of the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation has been published by IOS Press.

You can access this issue on-line at no cost through the link below.

Michael Leahy, Fong Chan and John Lui have served as Guest editors for this Special Issue. The issue addresses the findings of the NIDRR funded RRTC EBP VR of a multistate case study methodology regarding best practices in the public VR program.

In this issue of six articles, they have given a great deal of thought to challenges facing state VR agencies and have selected a group of highly respected and skilled scholars from their RRTC research team to address these topics for an informed and scholarly discussion, in order to extend the national dialog on evidenced-based practice research and knowledge translation to the public VR program.

Paul Wehman, the Editor for the JVR, believes this special issue provides a unique opportunity for educators, researchers, rehab counselors, and VR professionals to learn about the current challenges, practices and advances taking place. We hope you will take time to check out the JVR 41 (3) issue on-line and freely available.”

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