NCWD/Youth Releases Three Youth in Action Tip Sheets for Young People

NCWD/Youth just released Youth in Action! Tip Sheets on their web site. They are youth-friendly, step-by-step guides and related resources to work on transition goals. Three of these are:

Leading Your Transition Planning

Getting Involved in Volunteering

Participating in Internships and Other Work-Based Learning Experiences<

See these and other Tip Sheets under "Publications"….Youth in Action.

4 thoughts on “NCWD/Youth Releases Three Youth in Action Tip Sheets for Young People”

  1. HI NYS DCDT! Please update the links to the new Youth in Action! tip sheets. Sorry for any confusion! We took done the earlier announcement because we had more than just 3 new ones to share. Here is the correct link to find the tip sheets:
    Youth Tip Sheets
    •Youth in Action! – Becoming a Stronger Self-Advocate
    •Youth in Action! – Leading Your Transition Planning
    •Youth in Action! – Getting Involved in Volunteering
    •Youth in Action! – Serving on Decision-Making Boards
    •Youth in Action! – Participating in Internships and Work-Based Experiences

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