CECommunity – Connect with Other CEC Members!

There’s something for everyone in the CECommunity, where CEC Members are exchanging ideas, working out problems together, and otherwise connecting, collaborating and sharing.  We built this space so you can get the information and encouragement you need to do the difficult but rewarding work that is special and gifted education. Stay close to the CECommunity for information, inspiration or a simple virtual hug or high-five. Ready to get started? Read or participate in the conversations already taking place in the CECommunity:

Collaboration & Co-Teaching — Get advice and share your experiences with other CEC Members who are working out specific methods of collaboration and co-teaching learn more about the most common co-teaching approaches. Topics will include strategies, resources, best practices, techniques and materials educators need to give students a richer classroom experience.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) — The conversation starts here for CEC Members who want to learn about and share best practices for helping students with disabilities meet the CCSS and demonstrate learning through high-quality instruction, accessible instruction materials, embedded supports, instructional strategies and delivery service options.

Special Education Teacher Evaluation — This conversation builds on CEC’s recently released Position on Special Education Teacher Evaluation intended to help CEC Members understand and navigate the systems by which they are evaluated, how to address the unique challenges they face and highlight the unique skills they as special educators bring to the table in their respective evaluation systems.

Swap-N-Share — Looking for just the right lesson plan or worksheet? No need to reinvent the wheel! You can post or find what you need in the Swap-and-Share, only for CEC Members. Submit your best ideas and projects and let fellow members use and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Next time you visit, you’ll find something you need.  If everybody shares, everybody wins in the Swap-N-Share!

Reality 101 — Whether you’re still in school or new to the classroom, you can learn a lot from your fellow CEC Members about what’s in store for you in your career as a special or gifted educator. This community is the community companion to CEC’s  popular blog for new teachers by the same name.  Connect with others who are walking a mile in your new-teacher shoes every day.  You’ve got a friend — and the information and resources you’ll need — right here at Reality 101.

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