Disability Cuts Could Be Here To Stay – Disability Scoop

From Disability Scoop: “As sweeping federal budget cuts set in, the impact is starting to become clear for those benefiting from special education and other disability programs.

President Barack Obama issued an order late Friday instituting what’s known as sequestration, a process of deep spending cutbacks that was triggered when Congress failed to reach a budget deal in 2011. While both Democrats and Republicans insisted that they did not want to see sequestration take effect, the parties were not able to reach a deal to avert the cuts.

Accordingly, some $85 billion will be trimmed from this year’s federal budget, touching nearly all military and domestic programs. Funding will be reduced for numerous initiatives benefiting those with disabilities including special education, housing assistance, employment supports, mental health services and research. Medicaid and Social Security benefits are some of the few areas to be spared.

Disability advocates say it will be a matter of time before the full impact of the cuts is known, but some of the fallout is beginning to surface. Officials at Easter Seals say they’re hearing that the state of Georgia has already used up all of its vocational rehabilitation funds expected for this year, for example.”

Read more… Disability Cuts Could Be Here To Stay – Disability Scoop.

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