Community Grants | | Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks will accept family services community grant proposals that address one of the following areas of need. If you would like to submit multiple applications, separate applications are required for each category:


  • Building the field and scope of educators and other professionals who support individuals with autism, by providing continuing education and training
  • Providing funding for consultation and hands on training to improve educational programs for individuals with autism
  • Providing funding to increase the capacity of service providers
  • Training professionals and paraprofessionals to interact more effectively with individuals with autism

Recreation/Community Activities

  • Social skills training that provides peer modeling and inclusion with age-matched, typically developing peers; social learning; social relatedness; social awareness; and social communication. We fund both integrated and non-integrated programming.
  • Recreation and athletic programs for individuals with autism younger than 13 years of age

Young Adult/Adult Services

  • Pre-vocational and vocational training
  • Transition planning
  • Residential services
  • Recreation programs specifically for adults
  • Life/Community integration skills
  • Health/Safety

Funds can be applied to support new projects, the expansion of existing projects, or the successful replication of an existing curriculum or program model. Autism Speaks places a significant focus on the end product or deliverable of each proposal that will benefit the autism community beyond those participating in the program. Deliverables include case studies, videos, manuals and curricula that will be shared on the Autism Speaks website for the broader community. Deliverables must capture information needed for replication, expansion, and dissemination.

The amount of the grant requested should be in the $5,000 – $25,000 range.

For more information…Community Grants | | Autism Speaks.

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