Attend, Engage, Invest

Looking back through the journal I kept as a high school English teacher, I came upon an entry in which I wrote about a conversation I had with one of my students.

“I’m done, Miss.”

“Done with what, Alex?”

“School. I can’t do it anymore.”

“But Alex, you’ve worked so hard! Why quit?”

“I’m tired of this game. I’m a third-year freshman and I’m sick of it. I already have a job, so what’s the point?”

“We’ve talked about this – you know the point is to get a high school diploma, to get a better job, and to have a better chance for success in your future.”

“I’m fine with my job and I’m not going to college, so why read Shakespeare, study cell parts, or learn algebra? How is that going to help me find a better job?”

“Your education…”

“Stop, Miss. It’s okay. I’ve already had my…

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