“Because”: Tapping the Power of Influence and Expectation

From Kathy Martinez, the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy: “In life and in the workplace, success does not always come easily. If you ask any accomplished adult how they got where they are today, he or she will likely credit hard work, tenacity and even luck. But most will also acknowledge other people — individuals who encouraged and inspired them to set and achieve their goals, such as relatives, teachers, coaches or colleagues.

While messages of high expectations are important for all young people, they are especially crucial for youth with disabilities, who may not always believe that they can work and succeed. In order to dream big and effectively prepare to enter the workforce, youth with disabilities — like all youth — must have support and the opportunity to learn about their individual potential through practical experience and trusted relationships with adults.”

Read more at:  “Because”: Tapping the Power of Influence and Expectation.

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