Because Toolkit « The Campaign For Disability Employment

“Because” is a new, inspirational PSA that features seven people — not actors — with disabilities who are pursuing and realizing their goals and passions as a result of the support and encouragement they received from everyday people in their lives.

The “Because” PSA challenges viewers to rethink how they perceive career prospects for youth with disabilities and to recognize that we all benefit when young people with disabilities are able to develop their skills and talents into successful careers.

For young people with disabilities, relationships with caring adults with high expectations go a long way toward fostering independence and self-sufficiency. Whether it be a mom who assigns chores to a child in order to teach responsibility or a teacher who encourages a student to strive to be their best, “Because” reveals that each of us has the power to inspire others to achieve success.

Use the “Because” Toolkit Quick Links to access materials and share how being supportive and involved in the lives of young people can inspire success in school and in the workplace.

via Because Toolkit « The Campaign For Disability Employment.

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