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The Making Careers Happen Web Conference: Transition and Career Development for Secondary Youth with Disabilities in the 21st Century

The Making Careers Happen web conference will be held across three consecutive days from 3:00-5:00 pm (Eastern), using WebEx — a highly accessible web conferencing tool. A Google Hangout will run from 4:30 to 5:00, providing an opportunity for participants to discuss content with the presenters.

  • Individualized Career Planning and Program Development — February 27th, 2012: Cornell University’s Employment and Disability Institute (EDI) has been developing a body of research on effective secondary transition practices at the national level. Online interactions with data, video clips of diverse students, and live discussion with research faculty will transform this research into practical ideas.
  • Leadership and Diverse Funding of Person-Centered Career Development — February 28th, 2012: Creating the capacity to deliver high-quality transition and career development curricula and services requires highly individualized, student-centered planning and resource development. Participants will understand how person-centered leadership development for students with disabilities can build highly successful and sustainable secondary transition programs.
  • Ticket-to-Work: Build and Sustain Careers with Youth and Their Families — March 1, 2012: Participants will end the series by learning about one concrete way to achieve funding for their transition programs through the Social Security Administration’s Ticket-to-Work Program. Two California school district educators will describe how they have used the Ticket to Work to provide a needed service — while generating revenue to build their transition programs.

This Web Event has been made possible by the generous contributions of The Children’s Guild Foundation, Inc. of Buffalo, NY.  Go to for more information.


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