Martha Mock Named 2012 Marc Gold Innovative Practices in Transition Award Winner

Three Cheers for Martha!  Disability transition expert Martha Mock, assistant professor who holds joint appointments at the Warner School of Education and the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Department of Pediatrics, has been selected for the 2012 Marc Gold Innovative Practices in Transition Award from the Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT). Mock will accept the national award at the 2012 DCDT International Conference in Denver, Colo. on Thurs., Oct. 25.

The award, named after Marc Gold whose innovative “Try Another Way” approach opened the door to employment for many students with severe disabilities, was founded in 1981 to recognize and honor the achievements of individuals and organizations that have demonstrated innovation in transition services.

“Dr. Mock has the ability to systematically identify the voids and then strategically create a plan to address these needs,” says Sharon Kolb, a professor at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater who nominated Mock for this award. “She has demonstrated this ability through her work with the Institute for Innovative Transition, a partnership of the Golisano Foundation and the University of Rochester, where her vision and leadership have led to over 1,000 individuals being served annually. Dr. Mock and the Golisano Foundation have remained steadfast in their mission of creating a transition umbrella of outreach, innovative programs, and professional development for young adults with disabilities, their families, and transition professionals in Western New York and are now expanding throughout the state in their efforts.”

Read more at…  Martha Mock Named 2012 Marc Gold Innovative Practices in Transition Award Winner – Warner News.

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