Helping Your 9th or 10th Grader with Career Awareness and Preparation – NCLD

From the National Center for Learning Disabilities: “As your child makes her way through school, you, like most parents, worry about what life after graduation will hold. As a parent of a child with learning disabilities (LD), you have extra sources of anxiety. As high school begins, you worry about how strong your teen’s resilience skills are. What should your expectations be for your teen’s future? Should you encourage her to pursue some kind of postsecondary education, even though school has been such a struggle? What kinds of jobs or careers might play to her strengths? How do you help your teen set realistic goals?

You know that having satisfying work and living independently are key elements of a happy life. Just as your child has needed extra help with schoolwork, she or he needs extra guidance and specific action plans for life after high school. Whether or not your teen has begun to contemplate the future and what it might hold, you can help your ninth or tenth grader tremendously during the transition to adulthood.”

Read more via Helping Your 9th or 10th Grader with Career Awareness and Preparation – NCLD.

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