Transition Assessment & Goal Generator Project – The University of Oklahoma

From the Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment:

“Numerous research studies have identified student behaviors and skills associated with post-high school success, which we will use to develop the Transition Assessment Goal Generator (TAGG). The TAGG will provide IEP teams a means to meet IDEA 2004’s requirement that transition assessments be used to identify annual transition goals. The TAGG will identify behaviors that students need to learn to increase their likelihood of postschool success. This project will develop the TAGG and undertake studies to determine the construct validity, reliability, concurrent validity, and the ability to predict positive school and postschool outcomes. The finished TAGG will have professional, student, and parent versions that will identify prioritized behaviors that IEP teams may use to establish annual transition goals. When these goals are attained, we believe students’ likelihood for postschool sucess will be increased.”

To learn more and potentially participate, go to:

Transition Assessment & Goal Generator Project – The University of Oklahoma.

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