Online Course: Global Comparative Disability Policy

Enroll by Nov. 30 to learn more about this evolving employment issue.

What are the socio-economic barriers that challenge individuals with disabilities around the world? How has U.S. disability policy influenced the policy of other countries? How do countries evaluate the success of their policies in serving the needs of people with disabilities?


This winter, Professors Thomas P. Golden and Arun Karpur of Cornell University’s acclaimed Employment and Disability Institute will answer these and many other questions in an online course, Global Comparative Disability Policy (this will link to

Through lectures, discussions, and interviews, students in this intensive, four-credit course will gain:

  • an overview of international public policies on disability,
  • an analysis of disability and employment policy in specific parts of the world,
  • a framework for comparative analysis of public policy, and
  • an introduction to the evolution of country-specific disability policies.

Because this is an entire college semester offered in just a few weeks, participants should be prepared to spend about 30 hours per week on the course. Tuition for Winter Session is $1,155 per credit ($4,620 for a four-credit course). Grades and credits earned will be recorded on an official Cornell University transcript.

For more information and to register, see the course description on the Winter Session website, e-mail, or call 607.255.7259.

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