Three New Briefs from NCWD-Youth

The National Collaboration for Workforce and Disability for Youth (NCWD-Youth) has released three new InfoBriefs:

The Guideposts for Success: A Framework for Families Preparing Youth for Adulthood,” an InfoBrief examining how the Guideposts for Success can be used as a framework which families of youth with disabilities can use in considering the support needs of their youth during the transition planning process. This information will also help professionals seeking strategies to effectively partner with families, and advocates looking to empower families in the transition process.

Everybody Learns, Everybody Works: Using Universal Design for Learning in Workforce Development Programs,” an InfoBrief for professionals who work directly with youth in workforce development programs. It explains the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), an educational model that makes any general curriculum accessible to all learners, regardless of learning style, and brief describes how UDL principles can be used in work experiences and training settings to engage all youth, including youth with disabilities.

Transition’s Missing Link: Health Care Transition,” a Policy Brief drawing on a number of recent health care-related reports to identify strategies for improving health care transition for youth with chronic conditions and disabilities.

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