Life Centered Education Special Offer from CEC

The new Life Centered Education (LCE) equips special-education teachers with the most comprehensive and in-depth life skills transition curriculum and assessment program for students with disabilities. LCE can be used in your school and throughout your district to:

  • Follow a comprehensive and in-depth life skills curriculum, with detailed lesson plans and learning objectives within the three key domains of adult living – daily living skills, self-determination and interpersonal skills, and employment skills.
  • Pinpoint students’ instructional needs and track achievement using knowledge assessments pre- and post-instruction.
  • Demonstrate students’ success in meeting the Common Core State Standards, as the LCE objectives are linked to the corresponding standards.
  • Gain new efficiency with access to hundreds of lesson plans, worksheets, and tools that save time and enhance your teaching effectiveness.

A special offer to LCE purchasers! Everyone who purchases an LCE license by Dec. 15 will receive a set of ten LCCE student workbooks. A $127 value, yours free! For more information and to view a sample of the LCE Curriculum Matrix, visit our Web site or contact CEC at or 888-232-7733.

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