NYS DCDT Conference,, and 21st Century Skills

Verizon Wireless is providing a wireless connection during our upcoming New York State DCDT conference, 20 Samsung Tablets and interactive white boards. We’ve created a group on Verizon’s website titled “21st Century Skills.” During each breakout session, the room monitor will introduce the speaker and pass around four tablets for participants to provide their thoughts and ideas within the 21st Century Skills threaded discussions. These discussions will be on display on interactive white boards located near registration and where breaks are held. You will also be able to log in to this group and participate using whatever wireless device you bring with you. Having an account set up beforehand will save you time and hassle when you are at the conference.

We look forward to lively discussions of the content presented during our DCDT Conference — and beyond. Of course, this can’t happen without you. Please join the Thinkfinity Community, and this group (search for 21st Century Skills) which is already active with discussions, documents, a video and poll.

Let’s see if 21st Century technology can lead to 21st Century skills!

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